Hiring school staff has never been easier
— welcome Fly Teachers!
We believe there is a perfect school for every teacher and a perfect teacher for every school; our job is making that connection for you.
What we do
FlyTeachers is an International education recruitment consultancy with a team of experienced recruiters and teachers exclusively dedicated to the global connection of teachers, school staff and International schools, providing a bespoke service for educators worldwide. We have offices in the UK and Asia and recruit educational professionals for schools in over sixty countries across six continents.
How we do it
Step 1 : Book your free consultation
Talk to one of our highly experienced consultants to find out more about what we can do for you. You can do this by clicking
the ‘Let’s Talk’ button and filling in your school’s contact details. One of our bespoke recruiters will be in touch shortly to discuss your school’s specific needs.
Step 2 : Customise a bespoke strategy for your recruitment needs
Discuss your recruitment needs with our consultant in order to customise a bespoke strategy. This is achieved through learning about the ins and outs of your school. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to match teachers that meet your search criteria. We will ask for information about your school’s geographical location, context and ethos, local and national trends, the salary package and benefits provided for teachers, visa requirements, personal preferences and what makes you stand out in the crowd. Based on professional judgement, intuition and a large database, we identify teachers who we believe match your school. We will also use the information provided to create a bespoke job advert on our website to attract more likeminded teachers for your school.
Step 3 : Candidate vetting
The most important job of all — vetting! This job is important for three main reasons:
1. To learn specific information about the teacher
2. To check the legitimacy of documentation
3. And most importantly, safeguarding.
To learn specific information about the teacher
Prior to our interactions with any and all candidates, we review their CV, paying close attention to their qualifications and work history. This allows us to pre-screen the candidate, allowing us to develop interview questions relevant to each candidate. It also allows us to acknowledge and bring to the attention of the teacher any discrepancies of information listed or unlisted on their CV. We ask about the candidate’s family status, medical history and listen attentively to each candidate’s job requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, where they would like to teach, their preferred curriculum and expected salary package. This information allows us to be honest with our candidates, and provide personalised advice and guidance that is realistic and to the point.
Check the legitimacy of documentation
We ask candidates to provide us with relevant and legitimate copies of their passport, university degree, teaching qualification (PGCE, BEd), QTS and recent DBS check.
All candidates are required to provide a recent and reliable police clearance check and references will be sought prior to interview or employment.
Vetting summary
This multidimensional approach to vetting allows for transparency between teacher and agency and between agency and school.
Step 4 : Candidate match/teacher and school review
Candidate match and teacher review
Once matched, we provide the candidate with school information, such as, the full job description, salary and benefits package, school report, school website and brochure (should the school provide one). Only after the candidate has spent the necessary time reviewing the information and agreed to the forwarding of their CV, will we then send it to the school. Should we possess the candidate’s referees at this point, they will be sent too. In the circumstance we do not, this information will be disclosed to the school in writing when the CV is sent.
School review
The school reviews the teacher’s CV and feedback to us whether they would like to interview the candidate. Should the match not meet the school’s expectations, this provides the school the opportunity to further clarify or extend their requirements. In the event the former occurs, we move forward with the interview stage. In the event the latter occurs, we will look at how we can improve our search by taking advantage of any further requirements provided, and look to put forward candidates that are more suitable. As our relationship grows with the school, the efficiency of providing teachers that meet expectations will also enhance. Forming these relationships is a crucial part of what we do and what we hope to achieve with all of our schools.
Step 5 : Interview, offer and post-placement
Having followed a successful review process, and being shortlisted by the school, we will liaise with the teacher and send email confirmation with contact details, date and time (time zone specific) of the interview.
Offer of employment
Upon a successful interview, offers of employment should be sent to FlyTeachers. This allows us to discuss the offer with the teacher, answer any unanswered questions and overcome any objections the teacher may have. Having built a long, trusting relationship with the teacher, we play a crucial part in alleviating any concerns and providing assurance for the teacher.
Signing of contract
Once contractual terms are agreed and signed, you will be able to converse in a one-way dialogue with the teacher, assisting them in the attainment of a working visa and providing relocation guidance.
We provide a check-in service, where we contact the teacher on your behalf prior to their departure to ensure they are content, all set and ready to go. Moreover, we provide free post-placement support for up to a month to establish that you and your new teacher are satisfied with the outcome.
Fly Teachers will generate and send the invoice at the start of the teacher’s employment. We must receive payment of the fee within 30 days of receiving the invoice or the teacher commencing employment for your school.
Step 6 : Sit back and relax!
Put your feet up, sit back and relax. Perhaps even enjoy a nice cup of tea. Your recruitment needs have been taken care of.
Why we do it
To the point, we love education! Every member of the FlyTeachers team has recruited internationally, taught internationally within a classroom-based environment (teaching in some of the most prestigious schools) and holds a minimum of a master’s degree in the education field. Some of our team have even managed schools abroad. Therefore, to say we love education is a bit of an understatement. To put it simply, education is who we are and what we do; it is our past,
present and future; it is in our ethos, culture and customs; it is in our DNA.
Find out more
Our services, prior to employment, are completely free of charge and fees are only charged upon the hiring of one of our candidates. Should you wish to find out more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone or email. Additionally, you can simply click on the ‘Let’s Talk’ button at the top of this page. You can always contact us at Recruitment@FlyTeachers.com