Privacy Policy
The FlyTeachers Privacy Policy governs the processing of all personal data provided to us by way of the website. This policy outlines what personal information our company holds about you, the method of data collection and the use of said data. In accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we encourage all candidates who use our services to please ensure you read through our Privacy Policy merticulously. In the event you do not comply to the processing of your personal data, as outlined in our policy, it is strongly advised that you do not share any personal information with us.
FlyTeachers as data controller
The ‘data controller’ is FlyTeachers International Education Recruitment Agency, referred to as ‘FlyTeachers’, ‘Fly Teachers’ and ‘flyteachers’. Throughout this Privacy Policy, FlyTeachers is used both interchangeably and synonymously with ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’. Should you wish to contact us regarding your personal privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
What is the general data protection regulation?
The GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and European Economic Area, implemented on the 25th May, 2018, by the European Parliament and Council of the European Union, superseding the Data Protection Directive. It also addresses the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas.
FlyTeachers’ aims and objectives as data controller
When it comes to candidates’ personal data, our aim is to ensure that their data is kept safe and secure and free from exposure to anyone except FlyTeachers, third parties identified by the candidate and the schools we work with. Please note: permission will be sought from candidates before any of their personal data is shared with any of our schools.
Flyteachers specialises in the recruitment of educational professionals for a range of schools worldwide. In agreeing to the Privacy Policy, candidates consent to sharing FlyTeachers’ aims and objectives.
Information held by us
‘Automatic information’ means any information gained through the candidate visiting Information includes, but is not limited to, webpages visited and number of candidates who visit our site.
‘Direct information’ means any information provided by the candidate. This can be information submitted at when delcaring interest in a position, registering an account or modifying an account. Additionally, through telephone conversations with any member of the FlyTeachers’ recruitment team or via emailing FlyTeachers directly. Information includes, but is not limited to, the candidate’s:
  • Name, job title, email address, current address, location preference(s) and mobile number
    Curriculum vitae, qualifications, passport, DBS/police clearance, photograph and references relating to employment history
  • Please note: It is the candidate’s decision as to whether or not they provide their personal information (data). Candidate’s are aware, however, that by not submitting certain information, they may be unable to access certain website functions.
‘Third-party information’ means any information gathered through a source that is not the candidate. Third-party information includes references gained through direct contact with referees provided by the candidate.
How we use your personal information
Candidates’ personal data is used to allow us to effectively run our online platform. In turn, enabling us to offer our services to candidates and provide them with relevant guidance and support in search of employment. This data may be shared with schools that candidates show an interest in. This could be anywhere in the world, depending on your preference. Furthermore, your data will only be sent to organisations where we have an existing recruitment contract in place. Your phone number and email adress will be used to keep you informed of any and all jobs that match your search criteria. Your personal information may also be used for personalising our services. In the unlikely event, Flyteachers may have a legal obligation to use a candidate’s personal information.
How do we share the information we collect?
FlyTeachers will not share the candidate’s personal data in any way other than as described in this Privacy Policy.
How we safegaurd personal information
  • Database Storage: FlyTeachers stores all information provided by candidates to us on secure servers.
  • Profile Password: FlyTeachers’ webiste,, enables candidates to create their own personalised and secure password, which protects intruders from accessing personal information. Please note: it is the candidate who is responsible for keeping their password complex, secure and confidential.
  • Illegal Intrusion: Despite having safeguard procedures in place, there is no method of communication or sending and receiving of documents over the internet or electronic storage that is entirely secure and protected. As a byproduct of this inconvenient truth, FlyTeachers cannot guarantee or assure candidates that data stored on our systems is comprehensively protected from illegal intrusion by others.
How can you access and control your information?
Through registering with FlyTeachers, you can use your unique user ID and password to login and have direct access to your online profile. Once logged in, you can update and amend your details, including your CV, work experience, qualifications and job list. Should you have any queries regaridng your personal data or wish for your profile to be deleted, thus removing all of your personal data from our database, please contact us at:
How long do we keep your data for?
Your personal data will be stored by FlyTeachers indefinitely unless personally requested for it to be removed. In the circumstance a candidate decides for their data to be removed from the FlyTeachers database, they should contact FlyTeachers directly via email or telephone specifying their decision to revoke their information from said database.
What are your rights?
In certain events, and in relation to data protection laws regarding a candidate’s personal data, FlyTeachers confirms the following rights to each subject:
  • The right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal data
  • The right to request access to your personal data
  • The right to request the amendment of personal data we hold about you
  • The right to request the erasure of personal data
  • The right to object to the processing of your personal data
  • The right to request the restriction of processing personal data
  • The right to request the transfer of data to another party
If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please email
For further information about your rights, you can visit:
How to make a complaint
In the event you are disatified with an aspect of our data collection process, you can make a complaint to our management team by email at:
You can find out more about your rights under applicable data prottection laws from the Information Commissioner’s Office website:
Agreement of privacy policy
By clicking the consent box you correspondingly accept that you understand and accept this as a valid legal basis for processing your personal data in direct relation with attaining employment for you.
Should you not wish to share any personal information, please refrain from attaching and subsequently sending us your CV.
As a reminder, your personal data will not be shared with any third parties without your prior knowledge.